RLDF1019 DIGI LOCK Pharmacy & Vaccine Refrigerator – 5 year parts and labour warranty

Fitted with a digital lock to solve the issue of lost keys and generic fridge locks and powered by the NEW IntelliCold® touch screen controller, this pharmacy refrigerator is packed with extra functions designed to store temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals in optimum conditions. It also features a metre long secondary (wandering) temperature probe which can be placed anywhere inside the fridge.


The touch screen controller is completely flat so can be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected as there are no raised buttons to collect dirt and germs. The controller displays, alarms and records minimum and maximum temperatures for both temperature probes. Like a mobile phone touch screen it locks after 30 seconds to ensure that buttons can’t be activated accidentally. There is a master key (optional extra) you can purchase for the digital lock so you can access the contents if the code is forgotten or there is an electrical failure and batteries aren’t fitted. For a small additional cost we can also provide a manufacturers’ calibration certificate from our in house UKAS temperature calibration laboratory No:8898.

We are confident that this pharmacy refrigerator will provide you with many years of fault free service. However, for extra peace of mind your RLDF1019 DIGI LOCK comes complete with a FREE UK 5 year parts and labour warranty.

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