medical-equipment-calibrationMedical equipment calibration at Medisafe is undertaken by a qualified engineer to the relevant British standards and/or manufacturer specification’s.

The medical equipment engineers are fully equipped with the state of art medical simulators, meters, and medical safety analysers. We use the specific test equipment to check each medical device – not a visual inspection

Our database has amassed a comprehensive list of medical devices with the specification for each item to guarantee the equipment is calibrated to the correct tolerances, which are updates to the engineers’ laptops on weekly basics.

Each device that is calibrated is clearly labelled with a service report number, test date, retest date and a unique barcode. 

Your service history is available at a touch of button. We can trace each item through the unique barcode and service report number. This gives you full traceability for your due diligence.

The service reports are also available 24/7 through our website.

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