Cardiac Science Powerheart G3 Defibrillator Adult Electrode Pads

The Cardiac Science Powerheart G3 Adult Defibrillation pads have been designed to decrease the time to act in an emergency.

This technology has been developed by Cardiac Science to help store your pads pre-connected to your AED, which ensures the electrodes are Rescue Ready.

The pad packaging has detailed graphics showing that pads may be placed in either position on the chest to reduce confusion and save time during a rescue.

For more information on these pads, or to find out about how we can combine them into a money-saving package deal for you, please contact one of our Defib Experts using the web chat, or give us a call.


  • Compatible with all Cardiac Science Powerheart G3 Defibrillators
  • Electrode pad lifespan: Up to 2-year shelf life or single-use
  • Pre-connected to AED pad design

Customer Price

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