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MediSafe prides itself on competitive pricing and professionalism as a complete package



"I mislaid my data from our equipment service and needed to send to the PCT.  I was very impressed by the quick return of this information by e-mail following a brief telephone call.  Well done Medisafe."

Sandra Coyne - Practice Manager to Dr Salahuddin - The Hythe Medical Centre


"I think it is important to write and express my thanks to for the assistance yesterday.

"We had an issue with our ECG machine providing strange readings.  The technical assistance I received certainly saved the need for a call out.  It also provided much needed reassurance that the machine itself had not "had it"."

"Although we may not have the most well known ECG machine in our possession - it was so useful being able to speak to someone who knew all the common "malfunctions" that ECG machines could do and the obvious places to look for blatant machine set-up "errors" that would not have been obvious to me."

"In the past I have found some "service centres" or "helpdesks" have a tendency to explain things as if I knew all the technical jargon they were using and had a thorough understanding of the machines technical side - in other words they explained things to me as if I knew what they were talking about, which I didn't, and understood what they were asking me."

"The above was not the case with MediSafe - they could explain the machines likely issues "in clear English".  I found them very helpful, very patient and able to pitch explanations at a level that I could understand."

"Left to my own devices - or the instruction book - I would never have got the machine set-up resolved: I really would have been guessing at what might be wrong."

"Thank you again for your assistance."

Malcolm Ambury - Occupational Health Advisor

“We have been a service customer of MediSafe since 2006.  We are very pleased with the level of service and chose them because they are competitive, but also because we are confident that they meet the exacting standards required when testing medical equipment.”
Julie Paper – Practice Manager - Howard House Surgery

“Whenever we contact Medisafe, no matter how big or small the technical query, their staff and engineers always deal with the problem patiently, calmly and efficiently.”
“We bought the HeartScreen 80 GL and 112D ECG machines, which we have found to be excellent as they are very reliable and produce extremely accurate results.”
Practice Nurse - Heacham Surgery

“We chose Medisafe as they were able to offer a very competitive group contract for the servicing of our medical equipment.”  
“From the first contact with Medisafe we were treated by a friendly and efficient team.  The appointment booking process was flexible and accommodating; the Engineer was on time, friendly and managed to complete his work without disruption to the running of the Practice.”
Diana Rutland-Smith - Clinical Quality and Administration Manager - Marcham Road Health Centre

“Over the last three years, I have been so impressed by the standards MediSafe meets and the high levels of customer care that I have signed the two surgeries that I manage to a two year servicing contract.”
David Shaw - Practice Manager - Orchard Surgery & Marden Medical Centre


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